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Rodents such as mice and rats enter your house in search of food and shelter. Thus if you also witness these rodents in your house contact us for our rodent control Belmont services. We at Pest Control Belmont are excited to provide you with effective rodent control.

Rodents have a tendency of invading structures to make their nest or shelter. Thus if they infest your house they can cause a lot of damage. So, contact us at 03 4050 7720 to avail of our efficient and reliable rodent control service Belmont.

Nature Of Rodents When They Feel Threatened

Rodents are scared of any type of human activity. But they end up in places near humans only. Thus, if they feel threatened anytime they pose the following behaviour:

  • They always try to avoid coming in contact with or near humans.
  • They are always on alert even when they find themselves. Thus they are hard to get trapped in through food traps.
  • Rodents get active at night when there is least human activity.
  • Rodents use drainage systems very often to enter your place, thus they always rush to these areas when in danger.

Why Mice Control Is Important?

Mice or rat control is important in many ways. The most important points that describe the importance of their control treatment are:

  • Rodents can contaminate your food by coming in contact with it, which if you consume unknowingly can cause you severe diseases.
  • Rodents can damage your belongings including furniture, electrical wires, etc.
  • If you come in direct contact with rodents you can get leptospirosis.
  • Also, the presence of mice can trigger asthma as well.

Therefore to avoid these situations it is better to go for professional control treatment. Thus hire our rat pest control Belmont.

Diseases Caused By Rodents

Rodents are carriers of different types of diseases. Because these travel lot of unhygienic places like drainage systems thus these are carriers of some dangerous diseases like:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Lassa Fever
  • Hantavirus
  • Plague
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia

Our Effective Rodent Control Belmont Process Works For All Types Of Rodents

Our rodent pest control Belmont team uses a process of effective steps that gives the best rodent control results. Thus our process includes the following steps:

  • Initial Inspection 

This step includes a thorough inspection of your whole team by our rodent control Belmont team. This will help to design a custom-made treatment for the best results according to the infestation in your house.

  • Rodent Extermination

In this step, our team will start with the custom treatment. This treatment can include pesticides and insecticides for extermination. And we also use traps at the entry and exit points to stop an infestation in future by trapping rats when they leave or enter your house.

  • Following-Up 

At last, our rodent control Belmont will check the place for final to make sure that we have covered every area during the treatment. Also, we will guide you about the various traps that are placed at different places in your house. So that you take care of these afterwards. 

Types of Rodents That We Treat In Belmont 

  • Roof Rat Control

These are brown-black in colour and around 40-45cm long. These are also known as black rats. They have a good sense of hearing, smelling, taste and touch but have very good eyesight. Also, our team helps you to get rid of them, therefore contact us for affordable options in town.

  • Norway Rat Control

These are grey or brown in colour and are between 40-50 cm long. And these are common to find in damp areas having moisture. These are also known as brown rats. They usually enter your house through drainage pipes. Thus it is suggested to get professional rodent control to avoid any severe diseases entering your house.

  • House Mouse Control

These are also called house mice because they end up living in areas near humans. They are about 140-170mm long and have a long tail and oversized ears. These are common to find in residential and commercial areas such as offices, houses, farmhouses, restaurants, etc. thus contact us for their effective extermination.

We Are Available Belmont Wide

Our mice exterminator Belmont team is available in all the locations of Belmont with our reliable rodent control services. So you can contact us on our toll-free number and book our rodent control services from any location in Belmont. Our team will guide you about the appointment booking process and provide you with the best quotes in town.

For Affordable And Quick Rodent Control In Belmont, Contact Us

The various benefits that you get along with our affordable and quick rodent control services are:

  • Our exterminators are certified and licensed to conduct rodent control in your house.
  • We are available on weekends and public holidays as well.
  • We provide you with our no-obligation quotes
  • Our pesticides and insecticides are pet-safe.
  • We take emergency and same-day rodent control bookings in Belmont.
  • Our rodent control prices are affordable.


How can I get your quotes?

You can simply call us on our toll-free number and our team will provide you with the best quotes according to your budget.

Can I contact you after working hours?

Yes, our helpline number is available 24 by 7.

What is the best pest control for house rats?

For house mice, we prefer to use non-chemical methods of rodent control such as the use of traps and fumigation.

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