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If you are facing issues with the bees and wasps, it is important to get the removal services instantly. Pest Control Belmont is here to offer the services to get rid of bees and wasps. Our local team offers the best quality bee and wasp removal Belmont services. Having them on your property can be dangerous as their bite can be quite painful and leads to immense swelling. Are you tired of finding reliable bee and wasp removal services in Belmont? Contact us today for the most reliable services for eliminating the bees and wasps. To keep your surroundings free from beehives and wasp nests, it is important to seek professional services. 

If you want to make your property free from bees and wasps, do reach out to our team. For this, you can contact us at 03 4050 7720. For early access to our services, you need to make a booking for our same-day services. 

We Can Remove Several Types Of Bees And Wasps

There are several types of bees and wasps, and each type requires a specific approach to get rid of them. Identifying the type of bees and wasps can be a difficult task. The process of identifying them can be a tough job, as they are quite aggressive. Bee and wasp stings can be harmful, as certain bites can cause redness and swelling. The following are the different types of bees and wasps we deal with:  

  • Honey Bee (Apis mellifera): They are mostly found around flowering plants. Honey bees on the walls of the house can be an indication of their infestation. Therefore, if you are dealing with issues with honey bees in your surroundings, contact us right away!
  • Bumble Bee (Bombus spp.): These bees generally live in colonies, but are less in number when compared to honey bees. They can make your property messy and fussy. Therefore, our bee control services are going to be very useful for you. 
  • Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa virginica): They burrow into hardwood materials like bamboo and dead wood. Hence the name carpenter bees. They differ from bumble bees in their abdomen colour. If you are having issues in figuring out the signs and source of the infestation, contact us right away! 
  • Paper Wasps (Polistes spp.): Paper wasps can be identified easily since they have long antennae and legs. These wasps are very aggressive and can be dangerous to have around. Hence, To get rid of them, one must get our services from our wasp removalist. 
  • Yellowjackets (Vespula app., Paravespula spp.): These are the predatory type of wasps, which can be fussy and create a lot of mess inside your property. Therefore, you can get the best wasp treatment from our promising experts. 
  • Hornets (Dolichovespula maculata and Vespa crabro): These are quite similar to yellow jackets. Their bite can be painful and can cause redness. Therefore, having them or their nests on your premises can be harmful. Since their nests are often found underground, get our underground hornet nest removal services. 

To know more about our bee and wasp removal Belmont services, you can contact us instantly without any delays. 

How Do We Perform Our Bee And Wasp Removal Services? 

Since dealing with bees and wasps can be relatively difficult and time taking; it’s ideal to get professional bee and wasp removal Belmont services from us. Get in touch with our highly reputed company, which hires the most skilful personnel. Here is how our experts perform the services: 

  • Inspection Of The Area Of Nests And Hives: It is necessary to inspect the area where they are found profoundly. This increases the chances of removing them effectively. The places of inspection include flowering plants, old buildings, trees, wood logs, etc. Once it’s done we provide a rough estimate of wasp or bee removal cost. 
  • Removal Of Bees And Wasps: Once we identify the source, bee and wasp removal Belmont experts will perform the bee and wasp removal. Using the advanced and latest equipment, we make it efficient and effective. 
  • Removal Of Nests And Beehives: In order to limit their entry into your property, you need to get rid of their habitat. For this, you need to get our bee and wasp hive removal services. We don’t destroy their nests and hives but will relocate them. 
  • Destruction Of Nest, If Necessary: Certain wasps and bees can be quite stubborn and can’t be relocated. In such cases, we have to destroy them, leaving no choice. 
  • Final Inspection: Once we are down with the services, we even perform a final inspection to make sure that there are no bees or wasps. 

How Do Wasps Build Their Nests And Bees Build Their Hives? 

It involves a lot of articulation for building hives and nests since it takes a lot of effort to build them. Nests and hives are built mostly on branches of trees or old buildings. People often tend to get confused about beehives and wasp nests. They might look similar but are very different. Bees build their hives using the oil glands producing the wax. They chew this for a longer duration, to make it soft. This is then bonded into honeycombs by accumulating large quantities of wax. In the same way, wasps build their nest by making pulp out of paper or any other fibres. Wasps break down the saliva from the collected food particles’ fibres. This way they build their nests that look like paper. 

Benefits Of Choosing Us

Most of the time it gets difficult to find reliable bees and wasps removal services. But having them on your property isn’t an option. Get help from our bee and wasp removal Belmont experts right away. We are the best at getting rid of the wasps and bees in Belmont. The following are the salient features of our company:

  • Local Experts: Our team consists of local experts who are guarded across all the regions of Belmont. 
  • Prompt Services: Our services are offered to you at a faster rate and cause no delay. Once you book an appointment, our experts will reach your location to provide bee and wasp removal Belmont services.
  • Accessibility: Our team is accessible to you 24*7, for clarifying your queries and to reserve slots for you.
  • Same-Day And Emergency Services: We offer the best services to our customers on the same day as booking. In addition, our team even offers the emergency bee and wasp removal Belmont services, in case you need us during emergencies. 


Are wasps and bees related? 

Both wasps and bees belong to the same family of insects. It is believed that bees are descended from wasps, hence the similarity. Due to this, certain species of bees are easily mistaken for wasps. 

Where do wasps build their nests?

The place where wasps build their nests might vary from species to species. The nests are found hanging on trees or buildings. They even build their nests in compost bins or any cavities. 

Do you offer your beehive removal services in Belmont? 

We offer our services across all the regions of Belmont including the beehive removal services. Having beehives on your property can be dangerous. To get it removed, you can contact us right away! 

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